Summer Milestone 5 AngelaRichmondFuller Macro Requester Review

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These documents should give you a clear idea of the process a novice requester posting a task on Freelancer. I've included lots of screenshots of the process along with issues/problems and suggestions for things for us to consider. Please keep in mind when you read through the documents that I did all of this whilst also trying to look after my kids - lots is disjointed.

I've outlined the step-by-step process with screenshots, problems and suggestions.

  • A document outlining the process for a novice requester trying to get a macro task completed. Freelancer business card design process [1]
  • This is the "task Chat" that goes along with that "Freelancer business design card process" document above. As you can see, a pre-populated template would go a long way to clarifying a task from the outset, reduce the amount of time to-ing and for-ing and set expectations. Task chat between requester and worker. [2]