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Based on my experience posting tasks on Freelancer, I would like to highlight some other issues and suggestions about identifying Milestone0 for macro tasks.

  • Issue: Milestone0 is difficult to pinpoint on many Macro-tasks as they're often difficult to break down into smaller parts than the whole
  • Suggestion: trial setting portfolio sample as a Milestone0 submission
  • Issue: when a requester posts a task on a site like freelancer, there are a large number (for me, it was 30 in 1 hour) of workers profiles/portfolios to trawl through in order to decide who to go with
  • Suggestion: allow the requester to set a limit of, say, 10 workers to take up the initial Milestone0 task.
  • Issue: how much is a fair price for workers to complete Milestone0 of a Macro task?
  • Suggestion: take a look at currently popular Macro tasks on Freelancer to get an idea how the tasks can be broken down into smaller Milestone0-type components, and interview some workers and requesters to test the water
  • Issue: arise between worker and requester when expectations about the task outcome are different.
  • Suggestion: Offer pre-populated templates with suggested milestones, time-frames and payment
  • Issue: not all requesters want the same outcomes for an identified task.
  • Suggestion: Let requester either use template or set their own milestones and task details
  • Issue: initial milestone tasks may not seem fair to the worker
  • Suggestion: Allow workers ability to reject or amend the milestone
  • Issue: it will take too much time for the requester to reply to each workers' questions about the task
  • Suggestion: Provide open viewable “chat” functionality or "Public clarification board" for workers to gain clarification on the task and for the requester to reply to all at once rather than individually
  • Issue: when amendments are made to milestones on a platform such as Freelancer it often takes awhile to update causing frustration
  • Suggestion: Ensure the amendments show up on the system immediately.