Summer Milestone 5 Pumas

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This we engaged in 3 different activities: Micro-Macro Tasks; Engineering Design of Requester Dashboard; Paper writing.

Micro-Macro tasks

I created two AMT micro-tasks and requested that 5 workers complete them and provide feedback.
The tasks were:

  • Categorize LiveJournal Posts into categories. The categories were shown at the top with a description. Workers were given a space to provide comments.
  • Survey on usage of Facebook Tagging

Findings: Workers provided feedback on the survey questions. Provided information on how to make the questions more clear. They also provided some feedback on how to make the category description clearer; and made comments on cases where some posts were not well covered by the given catories.
Take-Aways: I believe workers could be very useful to help requestors polish their tasks, and even their research (e.g., have better definition of categories). A small chat where workers are paid extra to give more feedback could be very useful for the requestor.