Summer Milestone 5 Pumas

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This we engaged in 3 different activities: Micro-Macro Tasks; Engineering Design of Requester Dashboard; Paper writing.

Micro-Macro tasks

We created two AMT micro-tasks and requested that 5 workers complete them and provide feedback.
The tasks were:

  • Categorize LiveJournal Posts into categories. The categories were shown at the top with a description.
  • Survey on usage of Facebook Tagging

For both tasks, we provided workers with a space to provide comments on the overall tasks, as well as for each individual task.
Findings: Workers provided feedback on the survey questions. Here they provided more feedback at the end. Stating that some questions were confusing and the grammar could be improved. However, they did not provide information on how to edit the survey.
For the Live Journal tasks, workers made comments on cases where some posts were not well covered by the given categories.
Take-Aways: I believe workers could be very useful to help requestors polish their tasks, and even their research (e.g., have better definition of categories). A small chat where workers are paid extra to give more feedback could be very useful for the requestor.
These initial tasks also seemed useful to calculate the IIR among workers, ensuring workers understand the task and can execute homogeneously.

Research Engineering

Our team worked to design the requestor dashboard of the progress work.

Paper Writing

Our team actively wrote in the ShareLATEX and also participated in the weekly writing meetings!
Go Pumas!