Summer Milestone 5 solution idea: Task acceptance Rejection Time period

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Surabhi Ingle: @surabhi_i and Kajal Gupta: @kajalgupta

Issue: Indefinite time period for acceptance/ rejection of worker's proposal by the requesters.

We found some interesting comments on The need for a solution to this problem can be understood by them.

Alison pointed out "worker lose trust in the platform". Dilrukshi & Angela had positive support for it.

Jsilver and Rijul Magu bought a new thought process to it by quoting:
"Perhaps 3 days is more than enough time for clients to accept/reject work. If the 3-day period lapses, platform should release funds,the platform should be able to auto-deduct from client's credit card" and "the deadline should not be decided only by the requester. We need a way for our platform to provide a minimum deadline and perhaps suggest the ideal and maximum time periods it should take a worker to accomplish a task" respectively.