Summer Milestone 5 solution idea: Task acceptance Rejection Time period

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Surabhi Ingle: @surabhi_i and Kajal Gupta: @kajalgupta

Issue: Indefinite time period for acceptance/ rejection of worker's proposal by the requesters.

We found some interesting comments on The need for a solution to this problem can be understood by them.

Alison pointed out "worker lose trust in the platform". Dilrukshi & Angela had positive support for it.

Jsilver and Rijul Magu bought a new thought process to it by quoting:
"Perhaps 3 days is more than enough time for clients to accept/reject work. If the 3-day period lapses, platform should release funds,the platform should be able to auto-deduct from client's credit card" and "the deadline should not be decided only by the requester. We need a way for our platform to provide a minimum deadline and perhaps suggest the ideal and maximum time periods it should take a worker to accomplish a task" respectively.


Mockup : [[1]]

We had prepared the above mentioned mockup for the first milestone of the Summer Research Program.In the last window of the mockup, a requirement before task creation has been mentioned "Date of announcement of selected workers".
This feature will help solve the issue of the response time period of the requester since it will enable all the platform users to view the date set by the requester for declaration of results.
-*Default time will be set (eg 3 days) in case the requester chooses not to select any particular deadline.
-A reminder to be sent before the date to remind the requester to make his selection quick.
-We can also send a reminder to workers to ask requester about there selection process.