Summer Milestone 6 Micro-macro Requester view of posting a task by ARichmondFuller

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Excuse the lack of formatting and the ridiculously huge photos. I need to crowdsource my wiki submission work, eh.

Click the link to see the process I went though in creating a task in Freelancer. Screenshots included. File:Task creation process in Freelancer.pdf

Key Questions: How do we decide when to pause the task and to review the submissions to ensure the quality of the task design in the case of Micros tasks and for the workers to “apply” to do the task in the case of macros tasks? Should the “pause” be after a certain number of HITs (for micro-tasks), after a certain number of workers have indicated their interest in doing the work or after a certain timeframe?

Is that initial work (submission) considered Milestone0? OR Does Milestone0 get set once the worker/workers are selected to complete the tasks?

Should there be payment for that initial submission? If so, what percentage of the total cost of task completion?

ARichmondFuller’s thoughts on this: Milestone0 should paid and set only after the initial round of HITs (micro) and worker applications (macro). The requester identifies the timeframe (deadline – selected using calendar pop up) or maximum number of “applications” and the percentage of the total budget to be paid based on personal needs. Historical data is to be generated and presented to the requester on this platform as a “suggestion” to help him/her make an informed choice.

Once the task is posted an "Open comments/discussion board" will appear below the posted task which can be used to clarify the task should there be and questions and concerns from the workers.

Future development Workers will be “appraised” (levelled) to identify them as “newbie, experienced or advanced” and matched to the task requests depending on the needs of the requester.

My paper prototype for requester UI of task creation page

Task posting UI 1.jpg

Task posting UI 2.jpg