Summer Milestone 8

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Congratulations and a big thank you for all your hard work which made the UIST submission possible, its no small feat, so give a pat to your back! Thank you again, but this is not the end of this project, this brings new challenges and possibilities as we move forward. This week we'll work on that, its a lightweight milestone trying strategize future + improvement.

Deadline + vote + comment by Friday morning 10 am PST. There are no stages, please keep posting, voting and commenting all week.

Usability improvements

Take the feedback we got, and do a walk through yourself via heuristic evaluation. Post your findings and results on the meteor website and vote on what we should prioritize fixing in the user experience. What can we improve and add? Helpful tutorial on heuristic evaluation. Our website link Daemo link. Relevant channel: #design.

Launch strategies

How do you think we should launch to the world? how small should we launch? Whom to target? ideas on making this thing work!

Lead/DRI areas =

By now you might have idea of various roles in this project. Do you want to DRI specific one's? As a DRI, you'll have a great expereince, but also set expectations.