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Badge types:

Badge types:

A lot of work is being contributed by a lot of people. Is the current system the badges allocated an accurate representation of the amount of contributions? Do some participants unfairly receive fewer badges than others who have been more vocal about their efforts? Are participants aware of what is happening work-wise in areas other than their immediate interests? For example, are participants in #userresearch aware of the work that goes on in the #research-engineering channel and vice-versa?

Does page rank do enough to counteract this?

I propose that the badge types should clearly defined and the parameters outlined.

What does each badge type mean? 
Who can give out each badge type? 
Should different badges be given different weightings? 

My proposal: Limit the types of badges. Clearly define them. Currently the badge types are on Do we need to do away with the title hashtags and focus on the specific hashtags so that the type of contribution is more easily identifiable? Is this necessary or not? Should we have a limit of one hashtag per badge submission? Should we ask Ragan to be the one to give the #DRI badges at the end of each week? Should DRIs allocate #milestonesubmission badges at the end of each week according to contributions? Do we want a further breakdown of the type of milestone submission on If so, we could provide clearer hashtags such as #codingmilestone (instead of #codecontributions) #usertestingmilestone (instead of #usability) #etcmilestone

Team members give each other #acknowledgements badges for support, joint ideation and feedback. Should this be broken down into types such as #acknowledgementideas #acknowledgementsupport #acknowledgementfeedback or #communityideas #communitysupport #communityfeedback ??

These are some of the hashtags currently being used. Should we amend the badge wiki so that we're all using the same ones consistently?

  1. risingstar
  2. superhero
  3. usability
  4. dedication
  5. teamplayer
  6. community
  7. dedicatedwork
  8. design
  9. ideas
  10. destroyerofworlds
  11. creativity
  12. friends
  13. paper