Summer Milestone 9 AngelaRichmondFuller Badging Purpose

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Badging purpose:

The purpose of the badging system needs to be clearly defined; ideally by the whole participant body.

Is it to ascertain name order on papers? Is it to identify who deserves future rewards by way of recognition and/or payment? Could it be to allocate a kind of "voting chit" which can be used to be able to participate in the decision-making that takes place on the platform? If the participant is also a worker, could the badges translate into being given some sort of preferred allocation of lucrative work posted by requesters?

The current system of badging alienates individuals if the only reason for having the badges is to get your name listed nearer the beginning of a research paper. I, for one, am not fussed about the order in which my name appears, or even that it appears at all. If this is the case also for others, how might this affect motivation?

What is the value of this extrinsic motivator?

Are the participants who are contributing a higher percentage on this platform doing it for extrinsic or intrinsic motivation?