Summer Milestone 9 AngelaRichmondFuller Contribution Tracking

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Keeping track of who contributes what:

In the Hangout there was discussion as to how we can highlight what work the individual pariticipants are contributing. Blog articles were suggested among other things.

A lot of work is being contributed by a lot of people but I think that in the current system the badges allocated are not an accurate representation amount of contributions. Most participants are not aware what is happening work-wise in areas other than their immediate interests. For example, some participants in #userresearch may not be on the #research-engineering channel and as a result are not aware of the amount of work going on in that other area and vice versa. There are very few people on this research project who have a clear idea of how much each individual is contributing. I don't think that page rank can do enough to counteract this, at this point.


I propose that we keep a spreadsheet of weekly contributions indicating username, brief points highlighting specific work contributed, badges requested (?? or badges given??), and approximate hours given to the project.

Each person would be responsible for populating the spreadsheet with their own details.