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Revision as of 10:25, 24 July 2015 by Rcompton (Talk | contribs) (This project should stay research focused until the need for large maintenance and support for the user base becomes present. In terms of logistics: organization of information, precise badges, and milestone groupings)

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Future of the platform

  • I believe the current context of having the platform as a research focused system is a good direction. With a research focus we will be able to remain focused that the key contribution of the system will be to improve the current state of crowd sourcing, and use the scientific method to be certain that our improvement have validity to them. However, I do agree with many others that the logistics of running a massive service, in which if this project is successful it will most likely become such a service, the matters of maintenance and support services will become more necessary. In that case I understand the need to switch over to a platform/startup format, however I hope that with its roots in research, the mentality of a research group can stay within those who continue working to make the platform fitted for its users and not for its business goals.

Logistic Improvements

  • Documentation is becoming much more relevant as this project moves forward. I know there was previously some documentation taking place during meetings, but that appears to have weakened over time. I have been having issues finding videos of the meetings, records of brainstorming, and progress taking place. There isn't a strong central location to find all of it (even though we have the tools in place, such as the wiki), but it still involves a lot of browsing through slack, trello, meteor, git and the wiki to find the current state of the project. Essentially I am asking for a scribe to manage the information of our group and organization it on the wiki. This would be nice for those who aren't able to contribute continuously through the week through having a summary of the current state of the project.
  • I agree that the current system of badges has been vague and uncertain if they are accurately representing the work being completed. I know I've had to make a few shout outs in order to obtain badges for my work and was apart of the influx of badges right before the paper deadline. To address the vagueness maybe a more precise badge system seems like a good option. Instead of having many hashtags for badges, maybe we could limit them to specific milestone activity for the week and have a fewer hashtags outside of the milestones like: coding support, user research, or leadership. I like the badge system and it makes sense to have something signifying accomplishment for this project. However, I don't think awarding badges once a month will make this system better as I think it will make the badge influx, just like the event right before the paper deadline, a monthly routine as many people will need to make their work noticed and need to focus on advertising (maybe better documentation will also address this).
  • Another possible fix to badges may be within the idea of how milestones are organized. Typically it is very possible to accomplish work without having to communicate and organize with many people (which is one of the reasons the milestones exist). This did seem to work in the past, but as this project has now progressed to a different stage, we should consider that milestones are now a group activity and now longer can be accomplished on their own. My proposal is: When joining a milestone, you are actually joining a work group for the week. Each group must then discuss (Possibly over google hangouts) what their plan is for the week in order to accomplish the milestone and forum sub goals for each person within that group. This allows for a more specialized sub group to know who is doing what and allow for better recognition for work without the need for one to tell someone what they did for a badge. This would need more stricter deadlines, one being that people need to sign up for milestone almost immediately after they are posted on Saturdays, to allow for milestone groups to organize early in the week.