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Badge suggestions. This is a working document. =

Please add your comments to the meteor submission and I'll amend

We would like to propose clearer definitions for badge types and identify who can give which badges.

Initial suggestion: remove the division between #categories (like #milestonesubmissions) and #badge hashtags (like #phdstudent) Make each hashtag a badge in it's own right.

#milestonesubmissions Badge given by DRIs for work completed on Trello Milestones

I'm not certain how the following ones work??? Can anyone help? Are these automatically assigned by

* #phdstudent - 1 milestone contributed
* #assistantprofessor - 3 milestones contributed
* #associateprofessor - 5 milestones contributed
* #fullprofessor - 10 milestones contributed

  • #bestpaper - exceptional milestone submission Badges given by Rajan as he has a clear overview of the work. Has this one ever been used? Should we scrap it?
  • #alwaysalearner - for learning new skills and topics. Should this one be given by all participants when they notice someone's learned something new? I like this badge and I need to remember to give it to the deserving folks. In fact, a culture of learning is what we should really be promoting, I think.

#codecontributions Given by DRIs

Are the following automatically indicated on

* #itsalive - first code merged into GitHub 
* #artisan - 100 lines of code merged 
* #mastercoder - 1000 lines of code merged
Should these be given by all participants to eachother as and when? Or should people identify when they think they deserve one? 
* #bugcatcher - Fixed a bug
* #inventor - Created and coded a new feature 
* #publication - getting something live

=== #design === Do we need this one? I'm not sure that it gets used very often. Who should give it? DRIs? All participants?

Should these be for all participants to give eachother as and when the work is done?  
I see now that I have been remiss in giving badges. There are lots of the #usability team that deserve these.  
This takes me back to the idea of having a spreadsheet where people can identify their own contributions so 
that badges aren't inadvertently missed
* #designer - proposed a new UI design that gets adopted 
* #designthinker - rapid prototyper 
* #uxresearcher - Engaged with real users for feedback 

Further discussion needs to be had on all of the following

no amendments made on any of the following yet


  • #ambassador - Community management contributions
  • #superhero - above-and-beyond effort
  • #siren - bring new users into the fold
  • #socialmediaguru - Publicity contributions
  • #ivoted - for people participate in voting and decision making!
  • #dri - for people DRIing various efforts!


  • #springstar - for star contributions in the spring quarter
  • #citation - if someone builds on your work (your code, your idea, etc)
  • #archivist - contribution of great documentation
  • #hangout - for being selected to join google hangout on air video


  • #idea - for coming up with an important idea that we build on
  • #brainstorm - for being a very productive contributor to a brainstorm


All Crowd Research participants to register on Each person possesses 30 badges to give/month. How is this going? Do we need to amend this amount?

 Previously the badge page said that "Please note that you can ONLY give 1 unit to one person at a time." 
 but is this the case? 

How to give a badge via Slack

To give a badge, go to #badges channel on Slack. And type command in this format ([#badge hashtag] is optional, but would be nice to have):

/give [amount] to [slackusername] for [reason][#category hashtag][#badge hashtag]

For example, if I want to give a badge to @geza for his help to build the meteor site where we submit milestones. Here's what we can command:

/give 1 to @geza for helping build the milestone submission site #codecontributions #publication

Please only use the hashtags mentioned above, other #hashtags will not be registered.

Keep this! For new suggestions, post on #badges channel on Slack and ping @rajanvaish.


The website supporting our badges:

Further discussion needs to be had about badge weighting.

Proposal: #milestone badges weighted higher than the other badges

We need more information on the following:

  • badge wise info coming soon...