Summer Milestone 9 Vineet Sethia Future and Logistics

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As a result of everyone's participation,contribution & hard work finally we met the "Daemo" .All this time we work together,brainstormed,Learnt new things,discussed ideas & contributed to this platform.But the future of the platform is still the thing to concern.Everyone presented great ideas & thoughts over here,all are appreciated very much.Here are my views & suggestions...

Future of the Platform

I believe that,the future of the crowd platform can be a startup.Here goes some supporting facts regarding statement I have made...

we all worked on this project with different way of contributions with various areas & build this platform.but the thing is to be noted that the project was started & build as a research project,& I noticed that the, intensity of the researchers are getting reduced by the time.The contribution we saw on early milestones,the no. of people who are actively involving in it are not available by this time.By the time the participation decreases gradually,although the fact that we have a very friendly,appreciative environment,everyone's work is recognized & badges are awarded to recognize each other's work,constructive feedback on meteor but all these factors are also not helping to motivating people to participate in research.

what I feel,if the platform will be remain as a research platform it would be excellent but for a long time maintaining it as a research project,according to current scenario people are losing interest after a while,so might not I purposed the startup as a future of the platform.Here are some strong points in support of the startup...

1. Every model or platform can't be run for a long without funding & that can be arranged by the startup.
2. Second holding people's interest for a long on the research project seems difficult to maintain,in a startup maintaining & holding people's interest is much easier,because it will not be volunteerly work anymore plus people can work till their interest & then new persons can take there place.
3. As we have funding we can also hire commercially the skilled persons,& can grow the platform more rapidly.

Logistic Improvements

Badging system
Current badging system is fine,it is an excellent way to motivate & recognize each other's work but some modification in this system can make it more better & effective.Here are some suggestions...

1. #milestonesubmissions & #codecontribution badge should be given by only DRI's associated with that milestone.
2. we can also have a wiki or doc in which researchers have to fill their milestone submission or contribution details,each time they submit or contribute to the project.benifits of this mechanism are-

(1) first,this mechanism assure that every contributor has rewarded for his work.
(2) second,DRI's also don't have to panic to look & see everyone's submission,all details can be get at one place only.

Leadership Approach
Current leadership board mechanism looks great.further at some situation,it might be needed that some persons are directly responsible for the platform.I would like to suggest that there should be some permanent members along with temporary members,elected by other researchers,povided that permanent members are the responsible persons for the platform while the joint board (permanent members plus temporary members) can govern the platform & have strength to take decision,making sure that each & every active contributor gets the opportunity to be in a board for one time atleast,it can motivate & appreciate people to work more hard.

Hiring can be made if the sufficient funds are available to the project.This can lead us project's development more rapidly & effectively.but the concern of this approach is ways of collecting funds,might get a solution in the thought I purposed above in future of platform.

Brainstorming sessions
I believe that the current mechanism is working fine,we should continue it further without altering.