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This is the template for Milestone 6 Research Proposal. If your team did Milestone 6 Code Infrastructure, see Milestone 6 Code Infrastructure Template

You will propose your platform in the form of an introduction to a mock research paper. Essentially, imagine you have built your system, incorporating in all the ideas that you wanted to have in it, have run your user studies and evaluations, and everything has gone as planned. How do you convince other researchers that you have built a platform that is novel and that it is more effective at addressing problems than any existing ideas that have been attempted in the past?

An introduction of a research paper summarizes the main contributions of the research. It is generally roughly 1 page (roughly 1000 words), and consists of the following components:

Effective Crowd Sourcing

We are planning to integrating collaborative way of building reputation for workers and requesters.


Working in a crowd sourcing platform may be hectic for a worker if he/she does not find a way to start and this makes him/her frustrated. This may lead to choose a work which is of not his/her type. This makes the profile of a worker less reputed. so our main goal of system which will lead a worker to a proper guidance which will be provided by an experienced worker of requester. We are also proposing the integration of recommendation system with the system defined above which will have the worker to work efficiently and effectively. This system can be integrated with the feedback system in which requester and worker both will be able to give feedback to each other.

In the RecommenderReputation System, a worker can build his profile through the work he is recommended. This will make worker and requester's relationship better and effective. The feedback system will help the worker and the requester to improve their reputation. The integration of all these foundation ideas like Reputation System, Recommendation System and Feedback System is our main idea.


In existing crowd sourcing platforms like mTurk, workers will get demotivated if they will not get any kind of guidance or guidelines for choosing a better job and do it in an effective way. So because of the lake of guidance, worker will get frustrated and can not do the job in an effective way and loose reputation.So there should be any kind of mechanism which will provide this functionality.

If there will be kind of mentorship mechanism then the worker who has joined recently or who is going to perform his/her first job can get guidance regarding how to communicate in an effective way to requester and do the job in better way so that worker can get recommendation and good feedback and ultimately worker can get next job easily based on their reputation. In this way there will be fair chance for all workers who are new to crowd sourcing platform.

Related Work

There are some systems available in which attempts have been made on building the platform what we have suggested but there are some loop holes that is not satisfying our functionality.


In our proposed system, When new worker will join or register they will get the option for having mentor for getting and completing first job. The mentor will be picked up from system based on the reputation the worker has in the system. So for workers who are new for crowd sourcing platform they will have a better idea and get motivated towards completing job and get the more jobs based on reputation which is based on feedback and ratings provided by the requester for which worker have worked.

There will be also recommendation engine into the system which will recommend mentors and different jobs to workers belong to their interest. This engine will work based on historical data through which it will predict that what will be most suitable in the system for different things.


Once our proposed platform has been implemented it will solve the all the problems which we have defined in motivation section. In context with realistic achievement, through our proposed platform worker will assigned a mentor if he/she will opt for this option. After assigning mentor they will get opportunity for having guidance from experienced worker which is recommended by our recommendation engine.

Another achievement based on our proposed platform, worker will get better feedback from the requester and it will build better reputation and he/she will get more jobs based on recommendation and feedback from previous requester.


We took reference from given milestones. These references are listed below:

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