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Increasing the scale of work on crowdsourcing platforms

An idea that comes to mind is the integration of a crowdsourcing platform into businesses throughout industry. We are here to research and hopefully implement a revolutionary new platform, however, we cannot ignore the obvious fact that there are workers that provide good quality results and labor. With that said, perhaps companies could in essence become major requesters and take advantage of crowdsourcing platforms/labor. As a result, the population of tasks will increase and will hopefully ensure a healthy future for crowdsourcing. This idea’s purpose is to address the possibility of the amount of work provided by these platforms is not sufficient for population of workers.

Industry can make use of the crowdsourcing not only for research but also other roles whether they be organizational, data entry or other tasks. Some red flags (and other concerns) that come to my mind are as follows:

  • businesses will not feel comfortable placing work in the hands of crowds
  • crowds may be working with information with varying amounts of sensitivity
  • will workers be able to uphold the protocols of completing the tasks?
  • will a discussion about worker’s rights need to enter the mix?
  • internal job roles can be fulfilled by crowdsource workers, thus jobs can be fulfilled by other means (good for companies, bad for employees in those roles)
  • need to make sure that crowdsourcing platforms do not become solely for companies

In order to achieve this idea, a crowdsourcing platform would need to become a service that set up within a business's operations. It would be similar to setting up the network of telephones that link a company's departments together or providing internet and security service.

To repeat in simpler terms: make crowdsourcing more involved in business and as a result increase the amount of tasks/work to be done.

Milestone Contributors

Nicolas Rodriguez [@nick13rodriguez], Diane Phan [@diane], Loretta Le [@lorettale], Kimberly Le [@kimberly35], Da Eun Sally Chung Lee [@sallyxchung], and Renan Castro [@renan]