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As of June 12th, this is the current pagerank, as computed based on the badge-giving on bonusly. To determine the author order, we are relying on Bonus.ly badges, and running a page rank algorithm over our data. This is the current state of page rank right now, but it might totally change by the time we're submitting the paper. Please note that you need to have at least 5 badges to be able to considered for an author. We're trusting each other to prevent gamification of our approach, we have rights to delete unfair badges.

Rajan Vaish score=0.0816651939103 received=39 given=139

Neil score=0.0622796639795 received=36 given=23

Durim Morina score=0.0384992850432 received=24 given=17

Rohit Nistala score=0.0327793105704 received=19 given=9

Alison Cossette score=0.0322462290772 received=22 given=33

Saiph Savage score=0.0298324014668 received=18 given=34

Dilrukshi Gamage score=0.0271406418358 received=15 given=10

Jsilver score=0.0271318592993 received=20 given=16

Megha Agarwal score=0.0232163360974 received=10 given=9

Haritha score=0.0227872800057 received=9 given=11

Shirish Goyal score=0.0212697999074 received=16 given=29

Michael Bernstein score=0.0188056365243 received=13 given=4

Geza score=0.0185453528981 received=9 given=3

Thejan Rajapakshe score=0.0180249302037 received=8 given=4

Aditi.nath92 score=0.0173416364654 received=9 given=6

Radhika Bhanu score=0.0149531760567 received=11 given=0

Angela Xie score=0.0139508203783 received=9 given=4

Kajal Gupta score=0.0139118407358 received=11 given=6

Surabhi Ingle score=0.0121148020303 received=6 given=5

Karanrajpal001 score=0.0119402595703 received=8 given=0

Soroosh Bateni score=0.0111611069377 received=4 given=1

asmita gupta score=0.0109280874521 received=4 given=4

Mapkle score=0.0107378390216 received=6 given=0

Kristy Milland score=0.0102141790769 received=7 given=7

Nuwan score=0.00951433619723 received=4 given=7

Batagodamuditha score=0.00951433619723 received=4 given=0

Kevin Le score=0.00928006702812 received=7 given=11

aditi mithal score=0.00900312318752 received=3 given=7

Hansika Hewamalage score=0.00890881321018 received=4 given=3

Bhagya.11 score=0.00890881321018 received=4 given=3

Angela score=0.00885566860843 received=8 given=16

Vineet Sethia score=0.00870414286401 received=4 given=5

Ankita Sastry score=0.00847301702699 received=3 given=0

Kristiono Setyadi score=0.00827244266262 received=3 given=2

Gaby Gon score=0.00818766801139 received=3 given=6

m.Kambal score=0.00756300487304 received=5 given=2

Deen Aariff score=0.00651567665613 received=3 given=0

Vishwajeet Narwal score=0.0061403188782 received=2 given=1

Niki Ab score=0.00607775523986 received=4 given=4

David.lytton.ls score=0.00603194185041 received=3 given=0

Claudia Saviaga score=0.00579043162092 received=4 given=4

Srinidhi Iyengar score=0.00565541692126 received=3 given=1

Miladnasresfahani score=0.00551689370524 received=1 given=0

Divya Nekkanti score=0.00533685353492 received=4 given=0

Veronica score=0.0049598469281 received=3 given=3

Ryan Compton score=0.00483746205948 received=3 given=1

Husam.elfadil score=0.00483746205948 received=3 given=1

Vignesh K score=0.00479397823849 received=1 given=0

Martin Daniel score=0.00479164867003 received=2 given=0

Joel score=0.00479164867003 received=2 given=0

jeerel herrejon score=0.00470687401879 received=2 given=0

Juan Pablo Flores score=0.00470687401879 received=2 given=0

Yash Golechha score=0.00469495822684 received=1 given=1

Ranjay.krishna score=0.00465663397036 received=1 given=0

Rolando Cruz score=0.00454523010388 received=2 given=1

Rashmi Sehgal score=0.00454523010388 received=2 given=0

Donna Wilson score=0.00454523010388 received=2 given=3

Mario Silic score=0.00433807058403 received=2 given=0

Zhou Juechi score=0.00421403688651 received=2 given=1

Vaidehi Thete score=0.00421403688651 received=2 given=0

Suvansh.intern score=0.00421403688651 received=2 given=0

Radhakrishna score=0.00421403688651 received=2 given=1

Milson Munakami score=0.00421403688651 received=2 given=2

Karolina Ziulkoski score=0.00421403688651 received=2 given=0

Hiroshi Kuwajima score=0.00421403688651 received=2 given=0

Aneesha Kommineni score=0.00421403688651 received=2 given=1

Uwecerron score=0.00404583862844 received=1 given=0

Sreenidhi score=0.00404583862844 received=1 given=0

Lenny Kim score=0.00404583862844 received=1 given=0

Avi Vaid score=0.00404583862844 received=1 given=1

7a898043 score=0.00404583862844 received=1 given=0

patt padilla score=0.0039610639772 received=1 given=0

Luisdaniel score=0.0039610639772 received=1 given=0

Adityamodi94 score=0.0039610639772 received=1 given=0

Jason Ou score=0.00393235002741 received=1 given=0

Jana Uhrmeister score=0.00393235002741 received=1 given=2

Pabitra Pati score=0.00383867910858 received=1 given=3

Nazikhassan score=0.00383867910858 received=1 given=0

Alok Shankar score=0.00383867910858 received=1 given=0

kirstie lee score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

aman dhapola score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Yateen Gupta score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Sean Kirmani score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Sarmatejas1006 score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=2

Sarah Suleri score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Phiju Basumatary score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Paresh Shrivastava score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=2

Nsivapra score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Nisha K.K score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=1

Muna Ritter score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Mage.arctic score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=2

Damon Myers score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=4

Cn.ramachandra score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Balachandar score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Avidkenil score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Archit Sharma score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Ansuman Shah score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Anirudh Kashi score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Alex Peña score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Alanjameskay score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Akshay RD score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=0

Akkshayagopal score=0.00371464541106 received=1 given=2

Nadeesha score=0.00368571133286 received=1 given=0

Aloka.kulathilaka score=0.00368571133286 received=1 given=0

Shailjapattanaik score=0.00321525393561 received=0 given=2

Ruben Alexander score=0.00321525393561 received=0 given=2

Pruthvi25hr score=0.00321525393561 received=0 given=1

Protichi Basak score=0.00321525393561 received=0 given=3

Josh Pitkofsky score=0.00321525393561 received=0 given=1

Fcm007 score=0.00321525393561 received=0 given=1

Dada_yy score=0.00321525393561 received=0 given=1