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As of July 9th, this is the current pagerank, as computed based on the badge-giving on bonusly.

The code used to compute this is at https://github.com/gkovacs/dump_bonusly

To determine the author order, we are relying on Bonus.ly badges, and running a page rank algorithm over our data. This is the current state of page rank right now, but it might totally change by the time we're submitting the paper. Please note that you need to have at least 5 badges to be able to considered for an author. We're trusting each other to prevent gaming our approach, we have the right to delete unfair badges.

Neil score=0.0647249870851 received=101 given=81

Rajan Vaish score=0.0508586283049 received=58 given=363

Durim Morina score=0.0445645986563 received=68 given=81

Rohit Nistala score=0.0396904435816 received=56 given=87

Megha Agarwal score=0.0365768746786 received=54 given=33

Alison Cossette score=0.0356484738399 received=69 given=70

Vishwajeet Narwal score=0.0302708255738 received=49 given=21

Saiph Savage score=0.0300792344826 received=58 given=94

Radhika Bhanu score=0.0297070596214 received=52 given=25

Karanrajpal001 score=0.0256755907826 received=44 given=16

Jsilver score=0.0251901957384 received=51 given=74

aditi mithal score=0.0237534079731 received=33 given=26

Adam Ginzberg score=0.0229580974484 received=36 given=4

Karolina Ziulkoski score=0.0178514586772 received=39 given=14

Ctrygve score=0.0175154597304 received=35 given=25

Dilrukshi Gamage score=0.0172511536743 received=33 given=29

Aditi.nath92 score=0.0170594894334 received=29 given=31

Ryo Suzuki score=0.016047135934 received=22 given=11

Angela score=0.0160073576704 received=39 given=68

Michael Bernstein score=0.0147730668568 received=36 given=15

jeerel herrejon score=0.014310259973 received=26 given=7

Claudia Saviaga score=0.0127465934636 received=33 given=16

Kevin Le score=0.0123178358465 received=18 given=43

Haritha score=0.0112180209312 received=14 given=13

William Dai score=0.0102360921576 received=16 given=17

Kajal Gupta score=0.0101786310322 received=20 given=8

Geza score=0.00984488031495 received=11 given=3

Niki Ab score=0.00959034301901 received=24 given=20

Ankita Sastry score=0.00926053587599 received=16 given=10

Shirish Goyal score=0.00915037889964 received=20 given=29

Thejan Rajapakshe score=0.00914379284269 received=11 given=8

Angela Xie score=0.00841577564257 received=20 given=4

Surabhi Ingle score=0.00754938525294 received=14 given=6

Veronica score=0.00737754637884 received=16 given=20

Walter Angel score=0.00619698989696 received=8 given=8

Martin Daniel score=0.00606226311617 received=12 given=0

Carlos Toxtli score=0.0058237834889 received=8 given=5

Nuwan score=0.00565313226131 received=7 given=8

Diana P score=0.00543756813637 received=9 given=1

Juan Pablo Flores score=0.00543583554388 received=8 given=0

Batagodamuditha score=0.00509300092969 received=6 given=0

Vineet Sethia score=0.00495893899794 received=7 given=5

Kristiono Setyadi score=0.00484147298696 received=6 given=2

asmita gupta score=0.00479161983456 received=6 given=4

Kristy Milland score=0.00468868196026 received=9 given=7

James Damon score=0.00461365151325 received=6 given=3

Divya Nekkanti score=0.00456115277439 received=13 given=2

Rolando Cruz score=0.00455691206239 received=10 given=3

Hansika Hewamalage score=0.00445397976911 received=5 given=4

Bhagya.11 score=0.00445397976911 received=5 given=3

TEJAS SARMA score=0.00441688687572 received=5 given=6

m.Kambal score=0.00421868161246 received=10 given=4

Gaby Gon score=0.00408249565142 received=5 given=6

Soroosh Bateni score=0.00399882144672 received=5 given=1

Mage.arctic score=0.00382634951414 received=9 given=6

Alex Peña score=0.00367031951932 received=5 given=2

Ryan Compton score=0.00341708151145 received=10 given=1

Deen Aariff score=0.00333097834031 received=5 given=0

Luisdaniel score=0.00326684691505 received=5 given=0

Manuela Paula Ritter score=0.00320377392714 received=6 given=0

Nisha K.K score=0.00316702909829 received=6 given=14

Alanjameskay score=0.00306021803705 received=6 given=1

Luca Matsumoto score=0.00262669923436 received=5 given=2