UX Plan for Deamo

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UX plan for Daemo will have 2 main phases. You can select either phase for this milestone.

1 . Heuristics Evaluation (HE) for Daemo

Login to Daemo's live version and walk through any HE violations.

10 Usability Heuristics are explained by Neilson and Norman Group

1. Visibility of system status

2. Match between system and the real world

3. User control and freedom

4. Consistency and standards

5. Error prevention

6. Recognition rather than recall

7. Flexibility and efficiency of use

8. Aesthetic and minimalist design

9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

10.Help and documentation

You can find great examples


Explain your findings in a wiki and incorporate screenshots of the violations accompanied by the description.

For each violation use Severity rating

0 = I don't agree that this is a usability problem at all

1 = Cosmetic problem only: need not be fixed unless extra time is available on project

2 = Minor usability problem: fixing this should be given low priority

3 = Major usability problem: important to fix, so should be given high priority

4 = Usability catastrophe: imperative to fix this before product can be released

2 . User Testing for Daemo

You can see what is User testing in this small video by Neilson

Conduct a User test using 2-5 selected users. Please select your users if they have previous experience in crowdsource work from any platform. You can do either on site or remote testing ( use Google hangout-in air and screen share the testing where it will record for the purpose).

Make sure you ask users to think aloud whole they performing the given tasks and measure the time they spend on each task 1. Register as a user and act the Requestor role --> Author 2 task given below

Task i. Create a small survey -

Request for the name, email Question 1 - How did you know about our product ( multiple choice ) a) by email b) by internet c) by friends

Task ii.

Use 2 flower images and set up a task to compare both.