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RahulSheth1016 Usability Evaluation

Over the course of my evaluation, I asked the individual who I tested to complete both a micro task and a macro task. The results I obtained are summarized below.

User Details

   1. Male Individual in his mid forties. Leadership Sales Position. No prior knowledge of usability testing. Basic to moderate knowledge of Amazon MTurk/similar interfaces. 

Task Details

   1. Microtask: Edit a Research Paper. Time Taken to complete task: 9 Minutes. 
   2. Macrotask: Design a website. (Note that this task was completed right after the micro task so the individual had some degree of familiarity with the interface). Time taken to complete task: 2 



Task 1:

   1. Minor confusion about various categories. 
   2. Major confusion about radio boxes, checkboxes section. Needed explanation of the purpose of this section. 
   3. Explicit explanation of the service fee. 
   4. Dollar error on the payment page. 
   5. Confusion as to where the task goes after submission since it didn't show up on my projects page. 
   6. Final Comments: Creating the tasks were easy. But in payment there should be more explanation about the purpose of certain items. 

Task 2:

   1. Familiarity with the interface allowed the user to navigate through with much ease. 
   2. Dollar error persists. 
   3. Skipped the design task section because user still has no idea of its purpose. 

Final Heuristic Evaluation

Participant ranked the website using the following metrics on a scale from 1-10:

   1. Successful Task Completetion: 6. 
   2. Time Taken on Task: 7
   3. Ease of Completion: 7
   4. Ease of Identification: 5
   5. Layout Consistency: 6
   6. Errors: 8
   7. Ease of Transition: 7
   8. Aesthetic Design: 5
   9. Rank the interface as a whole: 5

Final Review

   1. Results show some minor errors that persisted.                                        
   2. User completed the second task with much more ease. Shows that only the first run-thru is difficult.                   
   3. Interface as a whole is still good.                     
   4. Videos are uploaded on the document. 

Link to Videos