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== Contributions ==
== Contributions ==
'''Task Authoring'''
'''User Experience'''
'''User Experience'''
'''Reputation system'''
'''Boomerang Reputation System'''
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'''Onboarding Newcomers'''
'''Onboarding Newcomers'''
'''CHI, UIST and CSCW Paper-writing'''

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LinkedIn [1] Twitter [2]

Research interests

UX/UI, Human-computer interaction (HCI), Connectivism, MOOCs, Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship.

Educational background

Masters (TEFL), University of Reading, Middlesex UK

Bachelor of Education, The University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Task Authoring

User Experience

Boomerang Reputation System

Open Governance

Onboarding Newcomers

CHI, UIST and CSCW Paper-writing