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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to visit this page.

I'm Jeff. Known to my research cohort as Jsilver (@Jsilver), I'm the only one from the Philippines (there are one million online workers in my country, according to a 2013 data). I am also the only online worker who remained and has contributed fastidiously to this project since I joined in March (a week or so after the project's inception). I'm eternally thankful to @ranjaykrishna for introducing this opportunity to me and other workers.

As a forever Boy Scout (and former Scout leader) and online worker (top freelancer since 2013), I am extremely passionate about:

  1. helping create the best online jobs platform for workers and clients alike
  2. helping stop the exploitation and overexploitation of workers (which I see happen regularly since I became an online worker back in May 2012) and helping all workers get better and/or fair pay

I sacrificed my time (much much more than I should've, to be honest! :) ) because I believe in what this project can accomplish for the global community (millions of online workers!). I thank my family for "bootstrapping" with me! :)

As a worker, I'm generally interested in all aspects of this project. But in particular, I'm very interested in reputation, open governance/community forum, and input+output moderation (milestones/prototype task).


Some of my work and contributions:

  • I am a member of the mock Leadership Board [1] and current Leadership Board [2]
  • Open Governance decision-making [3]
  • Onboarding Suggestions for New Participants [4]
  • Complete list of my contributions in our project's Wiki: [5]

Some repositories that I largely maintain:

  • Relevant Work [6]
  • Resources [7]

Cheers, have a good one!