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This is Kevin Viet Le's page of contributions.

In addition, it is linked to his original account - user: kevinle ; [[1]]



In the beginning of the project, I wanted to gather a team of individuals from around the world. With dedication from my newly met friend, Jana Uhrmeister, we formed “team Duka” and recruited 9 participants. Although 2 left the project early on, I was able to maintain team commitment by making sure everyone knew about our team goals and current tasks. I facilitated ice breaker sessions on slack, Facebook, and Google hangout so team members can feel more comfortable and know about each other’s backgrounds. As a result, I was able to strengthen our team bond. Team Duka consists of researchers & engineers from around the world (United States - Germany - India ). The people in it are: Divya Nekkanti, Jana Uhrmeister, Vishwajeet Narwal, Jason Ou, Krupa Patel, and Abhilash Rao. Neil is our advisor who checks up on us every so often! I make sure to check up with the team every so often to make sure what we’ve done so far and to exchange feedback on our work. I conducted usability testing to identify issues in interfaces and made important suggestions based on issues found. This involved a thorough analysis of a user as he/she walked through the interface. If any issues arose, I reported it in slack to see what others’ responses would be like to it. I offered my opinions during the early stages of the Daemo page interface build-up to let others know about my thoughts on it. I collaborated and developed mutual respect and trust with project leaders, engineers, designers, and researchers. I always updated Neil, Rajan, and Michael whenever an important development from team Duka (Divya, myself, Vish, Abhil, Krupa, Jana) arose. Such examples are evidenced when we designed a rough interface of the Daemo splash page design. I sent the design the #design as well to Michael, Neil, and Rajan for their thoughts. Talked to Neil on a regular basis about topics relating to our mission. As a result, I got to know more about Neil’s background and his thoughts on the project s o far. I also developed mutual respect with Rajan, keeping him updated on what our team was doing and talking with him on important life lessons about careers I would like to update Michael a lot but I know he is very busy these days. I usually updated him when something I believe an important development within team Duka arose. I worked with my team to brainstorm and design a mock Daemo splash page interface that the whole HCI team can use or take parts from to improve on current designs. We cranked out a few versions of our own collaborative mockups and presented it in the slack channels such as #design to get feedback from Karolina and anyone else. We awaited thumbsup from Karolina to continue further design development. Reviewed the UIST & CHI paper and gave personal thoughts on it to team members. I facilitated relationships with people outside of my team. I met Saiph, Mohammed Hashim, Vero Jaramillo, William Dai, and many others through this project. Some relationships which grew into friendships and that was beneficial because I was able to receive outside opinions about my team’s work. I got to see what others were working on in the project and gave feedback on their assignments as well! I exchanged ideas of the Daemo platform and future of out work with these new friends! I analyzed Mobileworks, Flashteams, “Future of crowd work”, mClerk, “Surverying the crowd”, Dynamo, and “Pricing Crowdsourcing-Based Software Development Tasks” research papers. I gave in depth, thoughtful feedback through trello. I summarized the concepts in papers so that my team and I can factor those important points in our discussions. Tested a leadership vs. participatory democracy board to determine which suits our mission best. I signed up to become an Amazon Mechanical Turk and upwork worker in order to observe and discover issues in its current state. I also got to think of problems that are current and/or could arise in the Mturk system (Workers thinking requesters might not pay up for their work #trustissues). In addition I signed up as a requester on Mturk to find out problems/potential problems within that requesting system. Gave feedback on worker & requester video interviews through trello. Participated in the voting process for reputation systems, leadership vs participatory democracy systems , leadership elections, meteor, etc. Voted and gave comments for top ideas in Reputation Systems. Upvoted and gave thoughtful comments various meteor posts Actively working on the PROFILE PAGE design through UXpin. Our rough draft received positive comments from Karolina so that was nice. Currently talking with Divya on what we should do next. Designing has stopped ever since I left cali. Attempted the Angular JS course in order to help contribute on the Daemo platform (Didn’t finish properly because I didn’t have concrete knowledge of….) Facilitated Google & Skype video chats with my teammates and sometimes with others (Neil, etc.). Attended weekly google hangouts Rajan set up. I regularly facilitated team group chats on Facebook and Slack (Since the beginning - present). Created a wiki page with my team mate and my thoughts on the future of our platform, what model (startup, platform, research) and what approach we would’ve liked to follow. I discussed about the badge system, 3 options of where we should head next, leadership, and hiring process. Worked on basic milestones and added my work to my wiki page (tasks such as “Authoring a task”) Currently working on qualitative questions for upcoming interviews with workers and requesters that would help us understand their experiences and take actionable steps to improve Daemo. Will be getting into writing and working on the CHI paper with help from Jana U., William Dai, and @arichmondfuller once i return from Alaska!

I manage an increased populated team of 20+ researchers.