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Jana U. and my thoughts on the Daemo system so far..

Jana: Badging system I would suggest only the leader of the team is able to give badges. This prevents people from randomly exchanging badges for actually nothing. Also, what i´ve experienced by myself, people are sometimes slow with giving badges or just forget about it at all even though it was appropriate, so it would be better if a certain person is responsible for this. So the leader decides if members were actually active and gives badges based on that by the end of the week or so. This way, people really need to be active in order to achieve badges, which could result in more activity/engagement. What I´ve also experienced and heard from others, is that it is apparently pretty common to just ask people for badges. Some people feel more free to ask others, some do not. I´m one of those who feel really inconvenient asking people for badges and therefore end up having less badges than others who asked more. I guess this is not the way how it´s supposed to be as they are supposed to be a reward for your work and not for asking. Of course I can imagine that most of the people can handle it fairly, but I´m also pretty sure that it falsifies the average. Making one person responsible for it also reduces this problem in my opinion. Also, I agree the badges should vary in value. One suggestion is that there is a certain amount of badges for each team and the leader can give it to the members in different units. So there will always be ´a best member´of every group and with it a stronger motivation of people. For people who are working individually, badges could be given based on their submission. Logistic improvements I am a little annoyed by the fact that there are so many different channels. It makes you lose the overview quickly, especially if you took a week off or in case you do not check everything eveyday. I also think that there should be one central location where the state of the project in a little summary is stated. This could also engage a few of the ones who are not active on a regular basis and allows them to just spontaneously hook onto some project every now and then. If this misses, people come back after a while, miss an overview and leave the page again and probably stop with this. Group work totally makes sense. People feel more engaged and responsible for each other, it helps to keep each other on track.

Mine: Badges- I support the notion of the leader giving out badges. It would prevent cross promotion and also this system would waste less time. The leader will keep a mental footnote or physical check of contributions being made and will reward accordingly. If we assign the leader to be the badge distributer, our fellow researchers/engineers would not spend any more time fussing about it.

Our Team Design for the landing page. Please let me know what you think! Message me on slack - Kevin Le

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Rough Sketch for authoring tasks.

User: Kevin Le

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