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Bringing meaning to the market

Bringing meaning to the market

For a company to compete in the market it should have its own niche, Online labors markets places are about attracting more crowd and maintaining the old ones i.e workers and requestors. Daemo will have always niches that centered around the crowd which are  : Open-governance, crowd-ownership and continuing evolution through an established organization.


Workers and requestors will always have : a say on the future of their workplace, suggesting dev. and a mean to get information about the status of the platform. none of the existing online marketplaces give this sense of engagement .


Sharing the profit -generated by the workers and requestors - is a real niche, the more you add tasks, solve published ones, contribute to the discussions, vote and bring new members,the more profit you get. the crowd would prefer a platform that is crowd-owned than a private owned.

Continuing evolution ""

Developing new features, fixing problems and creating a better and a competent platform could be achieved, other platforms are depending only on their developers. deamo will tap into the collective intelligence of workers, requestors and researchers together.

Establishing an organization

The three previous niches could be easily achieved and maintained if only we establish an organization that no one can control or influence its future except workers, requestors and researchers . The crowd will feel more connected to a platform that they own and govern compared to other platforms such as academic Ins. that does not guarantee financial and managerial support forever or a company that might not consider the voices of the crowd and driven by profit only.

Who will fund Daemo without asking to control it or without giving conditional support  ?

The crowd ! through crowdfunding. Platforms like kickstarter and indiegogo proved to be powerful tools for such projects, many companies were funded by the crowd.