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I just thought I would rework my prototype ideas this week.


A new worker joins. He is new to the entire system, so we produce enough documentation to help him through the entire process and make his journey easy and smooth. He doesn't belong to any guild as of now. As he keeps working on these tasks, he track his interests and the domains he seems to excel at (compete at times above the average, attempting tasks labelled advanced and so on). We soon flood him or rather, notify him with the various guild systems that are open to him. He can either agree and join the guild or he can choose to stay away from it completely or he can choose to get a few notifications about it occassionally as he has not yet made up his mind. If he joins a guild, then he continues to function normally (agrees implicitly to the terms and conditions of the guild). But his work quality is expected to improve over time as competition thrives, and he will be subjected to random checks or evaluations. If he is found to be functioning correctly within the guild, his reputation increases. If his functioning is below the expectations, then his reputation decreases. This fluctuation in reputation directly impacts his pay. They are ranked relatively based on this, and people at the lower half fighting it out are subjected to more frequent checks than higher ranked counterparts. Of course, he is always open to the option to quit the guild. If he choses to stay away from the guild, he continues to function normally. To ensure price and social compatibility, non guilders will have to compete with guilders. But they work more in isolation than in collaboration and may have mutiple domain interests (which would mean way too many guilds). There will be relative rankings outside the guild as well with lower orders earning lesser than their higher ranked peers. When a new task comes in, it is given to the guild and also, to all workers previously demonstating interest in the tagged domain.We could have rungs of promotions which are well defined at each level so, they will be specific milestone jumps for the cluster. Whoever completes a given task would be given due credit for it.

When a new worker joins the platform, we produce enough documentation to help him through the entire process and make his journey easy and smooth. He fills in a profile with all his interests and we suggest guilds he could be a part of. He choosen no explicit non guild members. They can work in isolation within the guild itself simulating non guild behaviour. That gives the system much of flexibility. He is added at the end of the ranking, and he is put through optional training with sample tasks and so on. This could either be for a specific period of 2 weeks or it can be an open system, where you just have to complete the material in any specified amount of time in order to move on. Then he is open to tasks in the domain. It is up to him to fight his way to the top.

Below is the link for the same.