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Experience the life of a Worker on Mechanical Turk

My registration was declined at Mechanical Turk however I did use an alternate platform that is microWorkers. This is my first experience with a crowd sourcing platform and was great and I learnt that there could be a new way of freelancing. Likes 1. Since it’s a popular platform many registered users makes it easy to find and get jobs. They are well organized and maintained. 2. Search queries can be instantly found according to the work one wants to find. Dislikes 1. The gestation period of registration and acceptance is too long, in a dynamic environment like today one cannot wait, they will move onto other platforms. 2. The filtration criteria of tasks is a turn off, the criteria needs up gradation say the Money range, timeline of task etc. 3. No communication with the customer (the requester) this is very vital in delivering the best product. Suggestions 1. Registration System should be eased up. The design(web) can be improved, in the age of mobile browsers it feels like one is using Internet Explorer while using this site. 2. A chat window, which exists on many e commerce sites which Amazon comes under, for the client and worker to communicate.


MobileWorks One doesn’t need a Smartphone to do work on this, in emerging markets and remote markets this can be a huge value addition and can make crowd sourcing more accessible too. However the trust factor of this is quite low and thus the purpose of work can be for harmful and destructive purposes as well. But the noble notion of mobileworks to target the poorest of the poor where most of the people are not educated , so tasks designed keeping in my mind that barely understand English would be helpful.

Daemo Daemo is a great application for supporting crowd-sourcing. It has the capability to challenge many ongoing popular platforms like MTurk, Upwork, Microworks, etc. There is equality in the role of contributors. The registration process is easy and plus communication between the worker and client is possible. The rating system ensures that it adds constructive feed back to the workers. The new workers however can face an entry barrier to become big since the rating starts at the beginning itself. Payment system like upwork will scale this product.

Flash Teams This platform is one of the best ways to solve hard problems or tasks, however this is for only skilled users, there is a user specification that is required to be met. The concept of modules, division of labour is applied here, which is making a huge task into smaller ones and ask as many people to do them individually which in turn ensures accountability of the platform.


Unlike Mechanical Turk the verification is quick and for absurd reasons the registrations aren’t rejected. Some of the processes of this microWorkers is mentioned below, the task filtration is done more so in an organised manner such that the worker is at ease. MTurk is more like an online marketplace and client specificity is given more of an importance in here.