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Experience the life of a Worker on Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing platform , as a worker we first encountered the inefficient signup functionality which only provided registrations for Us citizens only , the platform's UI was not so appealing .The task list was quite nice due to good accessibility , we did the tasks by the requester Michelle Greene , the task consisted of identifying objects in a picture behind a greyed out region , against a list of objects , the task was fairly simple but was not well described , the lack of clarity in task structure is a drawback in Mturk .The worker might face difficulty in understanding the task accurately from the given task description and thus not returning promising results according to the requirements of the requester.The second task consisted of images which had a list of activities which were to be associated with the given image.

Experience the life of a Requester on Mechanical Turk

As a requester , we found it really difficult to understand the working of the website , the website should contain a tutorial or a walk in guide that helps the new requesters in operating the site . Some good features about Mturk were deciding time for auto approve , deciding allotted time ,deciding reward per task etc. We created two tasks , the first task was about writing a summary about a website , this task was created easily , in other tasks the data is provided using csv , which is a good thing as csv is easy to create and handle . There was a nice array of categories for the requester to decide , but a major flaw was a fixed format for categories which seemed non extendable to different demands of the requester.

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What do you like about the system ? What are its strengths?

MobileWorks is a great crowdsourcing platform as it utilizes the fact that mobile devices are more used by people than personal computers. The ability to earn money at anytime and any place is a very important and strong aspect of MobileWorks . It provides a greater flexibility to workers by dividing the task into small fragments and then sending those fragments to individual workers.

What improvements are possible?

The major improvement in the MobileWorks system would be a better structuring of the tasks as the size of the screen is limited.


What do you like about the system ? What are its strengths?

Daemo is a new approach towards crowdsourcing platforms , as it introduces two new features mainly boomerang and prototyping tasks . The strength of Daemo is the boomerang reputation system which in someway forces the users to stay truthful to the rating exercise. The idea of merging the two roles together in one is also a good aspect of Daemo which in turn allows the requester to become a worker as well and vice versa.

What improvements are possible?

A major improvement could be making the Website available in most of the languages which would allow all the workers from different countries to be able to use the platform easily which can be done easily using i18n and l10n also we have so many people , we would easily generate the translation data


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