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Experience the life of a Worker on Mechanical Turk

As a worker, Amazon Turk appeared to be a way to earn money online. However, after using the software my opinions changed. The whole thing felt really tiresome despite tasks being really easy to do. Also I realized that I spent an awful lot of time searching for tasks. A recommendation engine could really improve this.

The UX/UI could use work as well. It took a while to become familiar with the site. Ideally it should be relatively simple.

I'm really curious what their department is doing to improve the software. Have they done A/B tests? Are they focusing on the right metrics? Or vanity metrics? Do they have any future plans for MTurk?

Experience the life of a Requester on Mechanical Turk

As a requester, I enjoyed how it allows projects to be completed far more quickly.

I was able to create tasks relatively easily. Honestly, I thought using Amazon Turk as a requester was far more positive than using it as a worker. This is likely due to how difficult the worker system (UI/UX) is compared to the Requester.

Explore alternative crowd-labor markets

Clickworker - The system was pretty simple. I easily made 20 cents in a few minuates. Amazon took far more time for me personally. However Amazon has a larger user base than Clickworker, which is why I could find more jobs on Amazon than on Clickworker.

Taskrabbit - I was surprised to see Full Time positions on this site. However, after research most of their site was English only. Doesn't that limit the number of workers? I'm curious about their idea behind that.

Galaxy Zoo - Great UI and really easy to learn. Also available in many languages! A problem however is that niche domain knowledge seems to be required for a few tasks.

Crowdflower - Great UI and available to many areas around the world. Similar problem to Galaxy Zoo -> specific domain knowledge was required for a few tasks.

Microworkers - I admired the UI and liked how I found jobs relatively easily with the site. I didn't find many problems, but it seems many users dislike the website after searching through Google. It seems the company doesn't "love" their customers.



  • What do you like about the system / what are its strengths?

I enjoyed reading MobileWorks. I thought it did a super effective job on capitalizing the use of the Internet to perform the tasks. Because of this, people were able to complete these tasks at anytime and anywhere. I was also astounded by how some people were able to complete 120 tasks per hour.

  • What do you think can be improved about the system?

Something that be done to improve the system is to improve the data transfer rate and also the UI. Also would be kind of neat to see the worker's capability score and see if that worker is capable of completing that task.


  • What do you like about the system / what are its strengths?

I thought it was neat that the worker rated the task. That way the requester can receive feedback and make any modifications to their instructions, if necessary.

  • What do you think can be improved about the system?

It would be neat if workers can see how past workers have done to complete the tasks for that requester. That way the worker can get somewhat of an understanding of what the requester desires.

Flash Teams

  • What do you like about the system / what are its strengths?

I like the idea that teams can grow and shrink on demand for improved efficiency. I also like the idea that you use one team's output and use it as input for another team.

  • What do you think can be improved about the system?

One improvement is only if team leaders from each subteam can communicate with each other. Thus, for instance, if the second team is handed a product from the first team and has questions about it, the second team can collaborate with the first team. It seems as if the subteams are very isolated from each other. They are only joined together by the end user.

Milestone Contributors

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