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Reviews : Mechanical Turk Sandbox version

  • Points that we liked :

1. Each HIT has been provided with instructions which explains the task to be followed clearly, making the task to be performed achievable. 2. Easy to seek tasks according to earnings each tasks provides, which is the main incentive for almost all the workers perusing such platforms. 3. The worker dashboard is pretty useful for workers to track their progress. 4. As far as i could work on the tasks, i found that the reward per HIT was fair when compared to the work to be done for that reward.

  • Score for Improvement :

1. The parameters to filter the HITs need to have more broader classification criteria, besides the one already present, i.e., creation date,availability,reward amount, expiration date. 2. Each HIT should have more informative statistics like the acceptance rate of the task by the requester. 3. Search feature did not prove to be very helpful, since the HITs are not tagged or classified under specific categories depending on the task to be done. 4. This platform is not available globally, which is its biggest drawback, since much of the online workforce hail from countries other that US. This means the requesters are not getting best of their investment, as they are not getting the potential workforce they could have at the same cost. 5. Sandbox worker, didn't get paid in the end. 6. Cannot comment on the result of HIT, the sandbox is only but a simulation and requester may not be looking at the work closely for accuracy as may be doing so on the alternative. 7. User interface was utilitarian at its best, and did not provide a very welcoming look and feel, and did not prove to be very navigable. Upgrade to responsive design, even a mobile app/m site could do wonders for the platform.

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Mobile Works is a mobile based crowd sourcing platform. The aim is to allow the weaker section of the society to take advantage of the growing crowd source industry. Simple Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tasks are sent to different people via a mobile application. Usually the document is divided into smaller pieces which contain one or two characters. These pieces are then sent to crowd source workers through the mobile app. A very simple interface is used so as to allow the people to easily understand and perform tasks.

  • What do you like about the system / what are its strengths?

1. It very well captures the fact that in developing countries, like India, mobile penetration is very high as compare to desktop penetration. Hence, such mobile bases platform allows a larger section to be a part of the crowd sourcing. 2. Simple user interface ensures that even those who are not very educated or technically sound are able to understand and use it. 3. Each task(piece of document) is sent to two persons, and the answer is accepted only when both the answer matches. Hence, no compromise with efficiency. 4. To encourage good performers, the function to calculate the cost of respective tasks also include the past performance/efficiency rate of the worker. 5. It is not very time consuming. Workers may perform the task while travelling or even at home which watching tv etc.

  • What do you think can be improved about the system?

1. To include more than just OCR tasks, for example audio recognition, picture classification etc. 2. There is a rapid growth in the number of smartphone users. They are now easily accessible to even lower section of the society. Smartphones bring with them larger screens , better quality, better hardware, location facility etc which can be utilized to assign more complex tasks to the workers.


  • What do you like about the system / what are its strengths?
  • What do you think can be improved about the system?

Flash Teams

  • What do you like about the system / what are its strengths?
  • What do you think can be improved about the system?

Milestone Contributors

  • Ameen Mohammed Khan @ameenkhan07
  • Farheen Nilofer @farheen
  • Sachin Sharma @beingcooper
  • Sarah Masood @sarah
  • Shivam Rana @tminima