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Experience the life of a Worker on Mechanical Turk

At first, I found the work on Worker Sandbox a bit daunting with just looking at the HIT’s and the array of options that were presented. Some of the HIT’s allotted time was 60 minutes so I made sure to avoid those tasks. A reasonable task for me was anything from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. Some of the higher paying tasks (.15 cents) and there was a short allotted time required a certain qualification which surprised me because I did not know I needed a qualification. Eventually I worked for two requesters. The first requester had the time limit to 15 minutes and it was sometimes 2-5 questions and picking the best image for a school. The other request was seeing if the college links were feasible or not. I was able to make $1.05 in less than an hour. The experience was overall rewarding and even fun! Some positive aspects was that most requester’s instructions were clear, concise, and being able to do the same task from the requester as much as I wanted too. The only dislike I have to say is when signing up with Mechanical Turk is the waiting for 48 hours. Other than that, I enjoyed the work!

Experience the life of a Requester on Mechanical Turk

When you are a requester and wanting to create a new project, Mechanical Turk gives you different categories that you can choose from. I was able to browse through all of them but I decided to pick data collection due to the non complexity of it while still getting good results. Mechanical Turk filled out the describe your HIT to workers which was convenient. All I had to input or change was the reward per assignment, number of assignments, time allotted per assignment, HIT expiration, and the auto approve. I also was able to edit worker requirements which was neat because I want to allow anyone and everyone to do the task that I request. Design layout and publishing it was simple. Nothing negative about being a requester! Really simple and straight-forward!




  • Used in different countries (India and USA) so larger networking platform
  • People who own cell phones have access to the internet on their phones

- Internet is cheap, allowing people to stay connected on the web

  • People are able to track their progress and (future) earnings.

- Can affect the quality of the person’s work

  • Mobility - accessible anywhere therefore work can be done anywhere. This allows convenience and motivates people to work


  • Some users lack the understanding of the English language.

-Mobileworks should offer multiple language translations and allow international users to learn English while working at the same time. Win-win situation.

  • Some people do not have access to a desktop and therefore, cannot complete their work.
  • Documents cannot show up as a whole on the small screens. In order for users to view documents, they will need a device with a bigger screen, larger text, or ability to zoom in and move around in order to read documents.


Daemo: In order to distinguish the most encouraging and efficient workers, people must be able to prove that they are capable of producing quality work.


  • Trust and credible reputations are very important factors in allowing users to interact and benefit from each other.

-This allows people to expand, network, be able to learn from others as well as themselves as they provide feedback and rate other people and their work. -This ties into credibility. If the user accurately describes/gives accurate reputation to another worker, that user is meant to be trusted because they know what they are doing and what they need to look for in other future works.

  • Daemo requires users to participate in “prototype tasks” which will test the user’s abilities before they enter the marketplace. This will allow them to be evaluated from workers and start off with some reputation. This gives people a sense of what level they are and how they can improve.
  • High quality work from users is supported and encouraged through the offer of incentives.


  • The definition of “good” and “quality” may be different for people and that can affect someone’s judgement and rating of other people’s work.
  • Segregation and unfair opportunities to poor rating workers vs high rating workers??

-Harder for low rating users to redeem themselves if they are not given many opportunities to work and show their potential. -However, this may be a motivator for people to do better quality work so that they can earn more challenging tasks.

Flash Teams


  • flash teams can be relinked to form a larger group
  • can hire more people depending on the task’s needs
  • pipe-lining in progress work which will help other team members get other work done
  • completing tasks in half the work time of a traditional team
  • advancing the leverage of paid crowd sourcing for expert work and computer management of elastic work force


  • how can we measure the productivity/happiness level of the groups created?
  • how are the tasks/challenges distributed to groups? how can we tell that the problems are appropriate for the groups


Slack usernames of all who helped create this wiki page submission: Loretta Le @lorettale and Diane Phan @diane