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Experience the life of a Worker on Mechanical Turk

As a worker on Mechanical Turk, I noticed how many were taking advantage of the site for research purposes. I am a proponent of machine learning, and several of the HITs I attempted were obviously geared towards such a purpose. What I did not like, however, was the low pay-- a penny for a menial task makes sense up to a point, but is certainly not viable for most.

Experience the life of a Requester on Mechanical Turk

I placed a request for a survey asking for opinions of foreign countries, and the demographics of those giving the opinions. Such a survey is simple, but the data can be used to determine which countries like which countries, and what international trends are turning towards. I appreciate how easy it was to modify a template to suit my needs, despite the templates being rather unclear. Unfortunately, as I have not as of now received any HITs, there is not yet a result to be demonstrated.



There is definitely a strength in utilizing how ubiquitous cell phones are in India. However, the paper claimed transcription accuracy was only 89% despite their quality control. Compared to an industrial OCR program, with an accuracy of at the very least 97%, MobileWorks will require much more work to be anywhere near feasible for such a purpose.


I appreciated the mathematical models created to demonstrate the Boomerang method's efficacy. I also appreciated the simple check system for rating. However, I cannot help but feel that a simpler solution to prevent any societal pressures on rating would just be to obfuscate ratings. If all ratings are anonymous, the pressure is also removed.

Flash Teams

I believe this is a good idea for bringing together groups of like-minded professionals quickly and efficiently. This fits in well with the Silicon Valley startup attitude. However, getting professionals onboard with the project may be difficult, and since the project's success depends on that happening, that may be the project's weakness.

Milestone Contributors