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1. Make grammatical mistakes while writing

2. Find it huge to correct a tense change

3. Find it difficult to trim the size of the written paragraph

4. Find it difficult to explain the task to workers

5. Commonly make spelling mistakes

6. Take help from friends and people they know to proof read or reduce the article size

7. Expects further help in complex tasks

8. Expects text correction delay time to be less – prefers real time

9. Is concerned about the task and content privacy

10. Wants an interface which is understandable and helps him progress

11. Waits for the correction to be clearly differentiable from the original data

12. Looks out for what part of the sentence has been compressed and which part has been expanded

13. Looks out for people who can complete the task on time – get things in limited pages and within the deadline

14. Is concerned and wants to confirm if the worker has understood the task – wants to confirm

15. Wants the control in his hands to accept the corrections or not

16. Wants to notify only the change required in certain pages or paragraphs

17. Finds it difficult to express the correction method correctly to the computer in case of scripting.

18. Finds it difficult sometimes even to express to workers on what correction is to be done

19. Wants to decide on how many people should work on his content

20. Wants to avoid lazy turkers waste his time

21. Similarly wants to avoid Eager Beavers as they complicate the task for him

22. Wants to keep a check on if the workers are motivated enough while working


1. Find it easy to make corrections in already written sentences

2. Generally help in article corrections

3. Perform spell checks

4. Have a cognitive load to maintain the sentence meaning right.

5. Find it not easy to every time get the article they understand

6. Maintain the privacy of the content and task

7. Sometimes unsure if they made the right corrections – expecting another proof-read

8. Look for an option to filter their area of comfort in article selection

9. Is concerned if the requester is fine with his understanding of the task – wants to confirm

10. Expects the requestor to accept the rightly done work.

11. Finds it difficult to understand the current interfaces on how to intimate the requestor on the changes made

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