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Soylent : A word Processor with a crowd inside Need 1. Human contributions into the interfaces

2. To shorten documents, proofread documents and edit parts of their document on demand.

3. to correct Word, grammar spelling mistakes

4. the task is huge to execute (proofreading)

5. Trimming through paragraphs to fit in the size of the document.

6. There is a need more than good interfaces aid and good artificial intelligences

7. Need for easy word processing

8. Difficulty in writing – grammar, spelling mistakes.(Crowdproof)

9. Easy work to change tenses of sentences

10. Large tasks for a writer for change in a decision

11. Help in complex cognition and manipulation tasks

12. Help from friends and other people

13. Need to take care of these complex tasks for writers

14. Need to monitor spell checks

15. Need to correct sentences without change in the sentence meaning (Shortn)

16. Need for these text corrections to be done in real time

17. Need for the correctors to understand the context

18. Solutions must maintain privacy, give timely output and be cost-effective

19. Need for the provided corrections themselves to be proof-read

20. Need for prevention of errors into the document

21. Need for the correctors to choose their comfortable area of correction

22. Need for the corrections to be notified to the owner

23. Need for the writer to be familiar with the new correction interface

24. Need for the corrections to be done as quickly as possible

25. Need to find the error, fix it and verify the error (followed by Soylent)

26. Need for sentence compression

27. To maintain the content length within the time frame


28. Need for the writer to express his expectation out of paragraph shortening

29. Need for the writer to provide real time feedback which correction takes place

30. Need for user to have control over the corrections (incorporated in Crowdproof)

31. The writer should have the freedom to choose the paragraph or sentence which should be edited or corrected

32. Need to efficiently convey the necessary methods of correction to the computer using scripting

33. Need to convey the necessary correction to be done efficiently to a human corrector

34. An intuitive interface for the writer and the corrector to understand what is going on

35. The control in the hands of the writer to allow how many people need to work on his content

36. Need for the writer to correct his instructions as he gets misunderstood work from the turkers(correctors)

37. Need to verify of the correctors have understood the instructions or are they just working without even reading/understanding the instructions.

38. To minimize lazy turkers from undedicated working

39. Avoid overwork to further complicate the task for the writers (Eager Beavers)

40. Need to motivate the turkers to work efficiently. (Find-Fix-Verify)

41. Need to generalize the number of turkers allowed to work on a task

42. Need for artitificial intelligence support to help turkers work better

43. Need for a standard communication pattern from the turkers side

44. Need for turker to be familiar with the topic to which he is about to contribute.