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Main Observations: Being a Requester


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Main Observations: Being A Turker


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Reading Others' Insights

Worker perspective: Turkopticon

Worker perspective: Turkopticon 1) What observations about workers can you draw from the readings? Include any that may be are strongly implied but not explicit.

Workers are being exploit by the requesters. Requesters can reject tasks at any time. If the requesters decides to reject a completed task, they have little possiblity to get paid for a provided service. The requester on the other hand can keep the results. Fast payment is very important (30 days of waiting time is too much). The main issue is fairness. Either, there is a lack of transparency or worker do get exploit. Not many workers are actually complaining to Amazon. In general it seems like they value the possiblity of AMT. Workers do like the possiblity of a platform to exchange experiences (and reviews). A rating/ranking platform can be seen as therapeutic option.

2) What observations about requesters can you draw from the readings? Include any that may be are strongly implied but not explicit.

Requesters want high quality work done cheap and fast. "Just in quality" (instead of just in time) can be seen as a theme.

Requester perspective: Crowdsourcing User Studies with Mechanical Turk

1) What observations about workers can you draw from the readings? Include any that may be are strongly implied but not explicit.

In this study, the turkers rated the quality of Wikipedia articles in a simple 7 point Likert scale. The results were then compared with ratings from professionals (wikipedia admins). The results were rather disappointing since the ratings from the admin differt a lot from the turkers. In a second experiment, they used the same setup, however with additional questions about the structure of the article itself (number of images, references, paragraphs) and a summary before they could submit their rating. The rating was closer to the admins' ratings. Also it deceased the number of invalid responses and increased the duration time.

From that we conclude that most of the turkers are looking for simple tasks that can be done fast and easy. Quality here, does not matter much.

2) What observations about requesters can you draw from the readings? Include any that may be are strongly implied but not explicit.

Requesters have to carefully design a study/task on AMT. Task which are fast and easy will likely lead to responses with reduced quality. Creating a request is not simple and needs attention to detail.

Do Needfinding by Browsing MTurk-related forums, blogs, Reddit, etc

Klaus (requester, german entrepreneur who works with crowd working and has many workers from the Philippines; our own interview)

  • need for more binding contacts to ensure high quality and reliability (“otherwie they screw you over”)
  • cultural differences (“If you tell a philipino that he did something wrong, he will be ashamed and won’t contact you for two days (because of shame)”)
  • cross-nation (“financial win-win situation, I get it done cheaper and he gets richer. 10 bucks is a lot of money there”)
  • in our talk it seemed like he was defending himself to request turks ethically -Interpretation down on the paper.

Synthesize the Needs You Found

Worker Needs


  • more appreciation and respect
  • faster search results / customized
  • dashboard


  • more structured workflow (no planned breaks) / more secure job structure
  • more transparency with employers / need for more security when experimenting with new jobs
  • more influence on ratings
  • better information on the time of tasks (workaround is online forums)
  • more secure job flow (“you don’t wanna use your time for penny hits”, “should I make lunch or work?”)
  • need for more predictiable cash flow (“from pennys to $100”)


  • need for community and personal/emotional support/ appreciation/ respect (Turker Nation... the only one where people care for each other / and don't just say you have to work hard (bitter))
  • need for better search function (“searches work via going up and down in the thread”)
  • need for pauses and breaks (“sometimes I can’t take care of my kids because I am in a survey”)
  • more security for new employes (“would never risk to go below 99”)
  • need for better follow up with contacting the requester (“every badge I make sure I have a contact form ... phone number etc. do screenshot of that”
  • better negotation in case of a rejection (“if there is a rejection I go immediately there... try to be polite what can I do there”)
  • need to teach new requesters about the importance of bread works TURKS, to have ratings, maybe they (the requesters) don't understand how that works... etc. there are reasons... but you need that backup ::*OVERALLNEED BEHIND THIS: More intelligent and less crucial Rating System
  • about mechanical turk “Im good there" > need for apreciation and respect

Requester Needs


  • fast testing of hypothesis
  • quick and dirty feedback for instructions
  • admin for communication with the turkers
  • internal reviewing program / profile
  • more personal contact


  • need for more trust (reviewing program/profile)


  • smaller circles build more trust
  • high potential on both sides
  • Enabling work for discriminated people: disabled, etc.
  • more respect for the work itself (there’s a lot of shame on both sites)

Milestone Contributors

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