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Actionable Usability items

1. Daemo logo should be linked to the home page or the startup page


2. Description of Tasks - Currently there is no way to describe tasks

3. Basic FAQs/ Dos and Don'ts/ Platform regulations

4. Reach out to daemo community is very hard, we can make it simpler by adding a message section

5. Explain the boomerang in detail especially the new ones

6. Task Progress Bar

7. General guidelines

8. Editable Profile - Currently the profile is not editable

Screenshot 2016-01-31 22.00.26.png

10. Proper Labelling of icons

Screenshot 2016-01-31 22.01.10.png

11. An accordian system may not work when the tasks posted are bigger in tasks.

12. Place to reach out or asks questions - A forum of sorts

Milestone Contributors

Deepika Nayak - @dnayak

Kanwar Arora - @kanwar_arora

S.S.Niranga - @niranga