WinterMilestone 3 - Team SneakyLittleHobbitses - Reputation Idea 01

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Team : Sneaky Little Hobbitses

Team members : @natashahervatta, @rajashri92

Reputation : Idea 01 - Applying "Filters" to Task Feed

Consider Wendy. Wendy is a frequent user of Daemo. She likes working on tasks in the evenings after her daily job, or on weekends, or whenever she has the time actually! Since she always has limited time to look for and work on tasks, she really appreciates the “Filter” option in the Task Feed. On this particular evening, Wendy has a couple of hours to spare before she has to meet her friends for dinner. She quickly logs on to Daemo and looks at the Task Feed. Now the Task Feed has already been ordered by Daemo’s Boomerang system, ensuring that the most relevant tasks show at the top. The “Filter” option adds an extra layer to this. It lets Wendy filter out the Task Feed by options like price range, time duration, topic, etc. Wendy sets the Filters to ‘Time duration 5-30 minutes’ and “applies them.” Thus she is instantly presented with the tasks that are perfect for her to work on. She manages to complete 2 tasks, with enough time to spare for her to get to the restaurant and meet her friends!

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