WinterMilestone 3 - Team SneakyLittleHobbitses - Reputation Idea 02

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Team : Sneaky Little Hobbitses

Team members : @natashahervatta, @rajashri92

Reputation : Idea 02 - Testimonial recommendations in the form of “Reviews”

Consider Ron. Ron often uses Daemo to crowdsource solutions for tasks related to his research project. He considers it an important and highly convenient tool.

Today, during his lunch break, Ron decides to check on a task he posted 3 days ago. He finds a submission from a worker called Wendy. He has noticed her name come up a couple of times and her submissions have always been in order. This time is no different. On accepting the submission, Ron is prompted to leave Wendy a review. Impressed by her work and knowing that this review will help her Worker Rating, Ron decides to write a couple of lines commending her on her work. With that done, Ron checks some of the other submissions and then goes back to work.

TeamSLH Reputation-2.png