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Hello everyone :)

I will continue my exploration on the future of work, crowdsourcing, and our capacity to learn, the "human factor" (feeling of relatedness, of belonging to a community, etc.)

Problem statement

How newcomers can find relevant crowdwork to do, and how requester can trust them to do the job?

CWLAAWOL = Crowd Work & Learn As A Way Of Life

For the moment, crowdsourcing for work is confined within identified platforms. You want to work on something, you log in Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Daemo, check available tasks or post some, do your work, etc. The experience is compartmentalized, secluded from the rest of our life. Our Dark Horse idea consists of making Daemo far more pervasive, like an API, a norm (akin to HTML, or Tin Can), acting like an overlay on top of our digital (or not) existences.

Illustration (to quickly reach clarity)

  • I'm interested in data science, the big data hype, I want to work for Google. I don't really have the background for it for the moment but I'm motivated.
  • I'm expressing this motivation to a platform, a dashboard, (could be in Google job posting system), which propose me a professional development pathway blending learning, practicing and working.
  • I'm checking available resources, like articles, online courses, nano-degrees on Udacity, etc. Taking some of them, climbing the ladder in terms of knowledge acquisition and consolidation. This would be tracked by the API, which would then offer me crowdsourced work at my level both for practicing purposes, to have a sense of the job I am dreaming to do (is it pleasing me or not?), while in the backend it would offer HR early information on my performances, my mindset, like a pre-screen.
  • I would continue this adventure (more crowdsourced work, more learning), until I would secure a real interview.


In short, it will be a seamless integration of crowdsourcing in every aspects of our digital lives. Checking several Wikipedia pages on a topic? If I'm authorizing the API to do it, it would send this info to companies, institutions, etc, related to this aforementioned topic, and offer me in real time micro-tasks to do on the side to consolidate my knowledge, acquire experience, get some money, and unlock further opportunities. The barrier to engagement would be far lower as crowdwork will be naturally intertwined with our activities, make the process playful and more diluted in our digital lives, the issues of trust will be greatly enhanced (as requester could have a whole analytic side on what I'm doing, learning, etc, associated to the task I want to do or that they are proposing me), etc.