WinterMilestone 3 @Yoni.Dayan Reputation And Learning

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Hello everyone :)

I will continue my exploration on the future of work, crowdsourcing, and our capacity to learn, the "human factor" (feeling of relatedness, of belonging to a community, etc.)

Problem statement

How newcomers can find relevant crowdwork to do, and how requester can trust them to do the job?

Learn-driven/personal development crowdwork

- System of learning-based "credentialization" for newcomers. - Intertwining crowdsourced work with learning. - Before doing a crowdwork, you would need to take relevant MOOCs, workshops, etc, show the certificates or portfolio. - The reverse could be true, Daemo could be fed by your digital learning (and real life learning) adventures and show you suited tasks to do. - It's combining well with the trend of micro-modules as well, nano-degrees, extremely short courses. Perhaps a requester could link a task he is proposing to a set of nano-degrees/courses/tutos to take before, like learning pathways, unlocking the crowdwork

- Illustration of the shape this solution could take, through my exchange with @Trygve: @trygve 12:37 AM The other angle would be to technically integrate a skills matching tool into the reputation system so workers could get guidance on a development trajectory to supplement current profile and gain skills that promote upward mobility or to acquire skills that might be in short supply in the network @yoni.dayan 12:39 AM yep that's related to the "learning pathway" above, that would be amazing, like an orientation system for people who want to work on something but may be deemed as not ready yet, how to get there efficiently, through algorithmically recommended resources, but also peer advise

- Use case: "ok i want to do this crowdwork, i'm new, it requires X and Y. Hey, owner, look at what i've been learning for the past year, i've studied X and Y, i have the certificates for it, but also a portfolio showing projects that have mobilized the knowledge and skills you would prefer to have for your crowdwork"

- Potential synergies with the idea of guilds that we often talk about on Slack. @Trygve: "I've always been intrigued by how to deploy guilds in a crowd setting and I think the learning domain and associated establishment of standards, professional development might be the best forum. Let's workers self manage and create global standards and create best practices on skill"

- Benefits of this idea: It would add a "social"/"for impact"/development/human factor on top of the crowdsourcing platform "you aren't a mechanical turkey anymore, you are a flexible, 21st century, being, with so much added value compare to a machine/algorithm, you are flexible, you can learn, you can change, pivot, adapt, how to reach a win-win situation: money + intellectually stimulating/personal dev <> crowdwork, wisdom of the crowd, flexible workforce, agile, etc"