WinterMilestone 3 AtinMittra DarkHorseIdea: JusticeHITs - Crowdsourcing Judgement on Disputed HITs

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This dark horse idea is an exploration of a risky focus from my Reputation idea. The idea sprouted out of the concept of having an intermediary body that handles payment and conflict resolution between workers and requesters. In the event that there is a grievance, a "case file" will be created from each party and a body of people will make a judgement on the case. The risky idea is that the body of people are actually workers from the platform. There will be what are called "Justice HITS" which essentially are the digitized version of jury duty. So when a case is opened, the system will automatically send out a number of HITS to find people who will be able to judge on the case. It will be majority rules methodology and will need sufficient qualifying questions/tests to participate. The higher qualifications will also yield a higher pay but will also allow users to feel like they are managing their own community. The people responding to the Justice HITs will receive the information from the case files as well as the reputation information from the respective parties.

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Work Flow