WinterMilestone 3 AtinMittra ReputationIdea: System ClearingHouse for HIT completion and rating

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The system I propose to improve the reputation experience on the Daemo platform is a clearinghouse format in which both the Requester and Worker work through an intermediary system administrator which acts as

- Payment intermediary: Holds payment until work is completed and task is verified

- Conflict resolution: Provides case reporting system which handles grievances

- Locks in HIT as a contract which both parties must then verify completion after HIT is done.

Work Flow


Rating System

The rating system is combination of qualitative and quantiative metrics combined through a similar process as a credit score. The system will determine a score based on attempted/completed HITs or posted/satisfied HITs. It will combine this with qualitative ratings based on people they have worked with in the past in key categories that have been communicated through research were crucial to the system such as communication and attitude. Also, if any cases were filed under that person for any grievance, the case record can be viewed through the person's page to show past situations and judgements. If a judgement was filed against the person, it lowers their overall score, the way a bankruptcy or missed payment would lower your credit score. Finally, to deal with the new users, I propose a "Pre-Start" track record in which the first 15 HITS completed by a Worker and the first 3 HITS posted by the Requester are isolated into this metric. This allows users wiggle room to learn the platform without fear of hindering future work as much. It will still provide a way for new people to show their ability to work/post after pre-start is over to potential partners, but once they have completed many HITS, they will rely more on the "Start" score - or the traditional metric used to measure overall aptitude.

Worker Rating


Requester Rating