WinterMilestone 3 Crayons UsabilityActionable: Description of broader actionable items

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Usability Test Flight

Actionable items


  1. There can be UNDO button (if job gets deleted unintentionally)
  2. In the CREATE PROJECT there could be option for job completion time(for requester to specify time limit).
  3. There is bug in the system i.e I was able to submit my own Job , it should not happen (Requester must not be able submit its own job as a worker).


  1. In preview of the task in the Task Feed there can be extra SUBMIT buttion for submission along with ACCEPT to make HIT submission faster.
  2. There could be Marker showing the Available money and Awaited money.
  3. Provision for bonus/bouty points for workers who finish task before the time limit, and produce qaulity results.

Milestone Contributors

  • Ameen Mohammed Khan @ameenkhan07
  • Farheen Nilofer @farheen
  • Sachin Sharma @beingcooper
  • Sarah Masud @sarah
  • Shivam Rana @tminima