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Goal - How to make your voice heard?

1. To restore power to the worker, the easiest solution is not to take it from them in the 1st place. The first design suggestion is to ensure that workers are paid, irrespective of outcome.

2. In the event of a dispute between a worker and a requester, either party can seek to have an adjudication board formed. The formation of this board, and the subsequent resolution of the dispute, will itself become a task that is distributed through Daemo, to Daemo workers.

3. Such adjudication tasks are completed in groups consisting of multiple workers. Further escalation would involve a Daemo platform administrator providing a mechanism to overturn a decision should this be necessary.

4. Participants who have successfully participated in the 'civic' duty will see a subsequent increase in their reputation, or in the provision of a badge. (This is akin to the kudos afforded people who participate in 'jury duty' or folks who engage in peer-review).

This suggestion creates an inclusive and participatory forum for the resolution of disputes. Given that I'm advocating for the payment of work, irrespective of quality (although not irrespective of negative feedback being provided to the worker by the requester), such a suggested process for resolution would ensure that power is not squarely, and unfairly, localised with the requester. Being a reviewer (i.e. deciding to participate in the 'civic' duty) is rewarded through a small boost in reputation (this could be capped at some monthly increment of improvement, or some max. number of times of year)

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