WinterMilestone 3 Despicables DarkHorseIdea: A Holacratic World

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This is our dark horse idea milestone for the week of 26th January to 1st February, 2016.

Team Despicables

Team members

  • @varshine
  • @kr.prastut
  • @afreen
  • @rachitchopra

Our basic idea

"The future of crowd work market" mentions this statement: Can we foresee a future crowd workplace in which we would want our children to participate? We believe that a crucial point of building a self-sustainable crowd-sourcing platform is that it must have a strong philosophy. And we flared out to seek examples in the world where there was a system that is in place, where the human facet is of utmost importance. We had several notions while we were brainstorming our idea:

  • People want autonomy - they like to pick and choose there kind of work, the timetable

We focused around the concept of governance which was ideal case.

While brainstorming for a philosophy that could help, we came across a beautiful one called holacracy.


Wikipedia defines it as follows,

Holacracy is a social technology or system of organizational governance in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a holarchy of self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy.

In layman terms, holacracy is a form of distributed governance as opposed to a central government like in democracy.

A holacratic panel

Each group in the proposed holacracy will have a panel of experienced workers & requesters that will act as a panel/jury for redressal. All entities in the group can raise their issues to this panel, and thus, a solution/workaround can be reached with ease.

Apart from moral duties, this panel also acts as mentors to other entities in the group. Any questions about task designing, producing quality work etc can be answered by this panel.

Addressing global concerns

Sometimes, a lot of people may be running through a common issue i.e., problems with the platform, a requester-organization being troublesome, issues with the overall system. For such issues, we propose a new way of collaborative issue-tracking:

Here is a video describing it.

This system allows for anonymous raising of issues by any entity in the crowdsourcing platform. If the issue is a common one, people can support it by voting on it. The holacratic panel of every group will address an issue only if it hits a certain threshold of support. The higher the upvoting, the more critical the issue is, the faster it will be addressed and hence, resolved.

A call for a better system

We see that with a foundation of holacracy which helps us address each entity personally and with a way to address the global concerns, all entities in the system do not feel like just computers, but actual human beings.