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Usability Experience

We had a chance to work with a research student in IIIT Bangalore who has had the experience of working on MTurk before. After explaining to her regarding what Daemo was about, she was excited to have a look!

Here are some of the observations and concerns she had:

  • User clicks sign in a couple of times before realizing the form is below
  • Looks at the list of tasks and wants to know if she can look at it based on category or where categories could be indicated
  • She runs through different tasks that were available. She asked why she was allowed to answer sample questions/tasks
  • User asks what the three dots next to the authors name was and tried hovering over it to find out
  • While looking at her task feeds, she mentions she’d like to be able to easily see her level of progress in each task – instead of clicking on each task and checking how much is left to do.
  • She also mentions she’d like the tasks to be ordered in the terms of how long it would take to be completed – from least to most
  • She took a while to be able to find her earnings and in her list of tasks she wasn’t able to see how much the job was worth while doing it
  • Ability to sort through the tasks she wanted on the task feed – based on category, pricing,requester, time estimate
  • She wanted to be alerted when a new task of her category came in or a task from a particular requester
  • She also wanted to know the history of tasks given out by the requester and the description. She thought it would be great if people ( irrespective of whether they do the task or not – should be able to upvote or downvote the description )
  • It took her a while to understand container and how to create descriptions. She asked what if she had more complex tasks, how she can specify those with the current set of options
  • She created a test project, and didn’t quite understand what prototyping was from the description on the pop-up. I explained the idea
  • Once she finished authoring the project, she wanted to the time estimate for when the reviewers of task would get back – she wanted to able to review her task before set it for more workers.
  • She wanted to know if templates to create tasks were available – similar to Mturk
  • She wanted alerts when a job was submitted – either inside daemo or as an email
  • She wanted to able to be able set more criteria for the worker who takes up the task – region wise, qualification etc
  • She wanted to be able to see reports of each of the task she’s given – the number of people whose work she has accepted ,rejected, unsure along with the top performers of the task
  • She wanted to know how to communicate with the worker apart from email

Actionable Items:

  • Fixing the sign in, as in the form visible on the same page
  • Ability to show earning on the ‘My tasks’ section
  • Add ‘ Categories’ for the type of tasks that can be added by the requesters or tags
  • Tooltip on the reputation of the requester
  • See level of progress of tasks under ‘My Tasks’
  • Ability to sort tasks in 'My Tasks' and 'Task Feeds'

Team Despicables

Team members

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