WinterMilestone 3 Despicables Usability Long Term Vision

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Usability Experience | Long term Vision

On watching our test subject use Daemo, we realised many of her concerns were regarding how she'd have to make lesser of an effort searching for tasks, and more of her time doing them. She wanted essential information to be shown up to her at all points in time( such as earnings with different tasks, her extend of progress for the day etc), alerts on whenever tasks of her interest came up.

With respect to being a worker: The vision would be to ensure that searching for tasks or finding the ideal one should be made as effortless as possible. Even after the worker accepts the task, being able to clearly differentiate their progress and cost across various tasks are important.

With respect to being a requester: A way to see some numbers on how they are performing as a requester/ how their work force is doing. This would help them check if they've improved across different task designs.

Some additional long term ideas:

  • Templates for tasks most popular on Mturk
  • Ability to see history of tasks posted by the requester

Team Despicables

Team members

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  • @kr.prastut
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