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Daemo Points is suggestion for a Reputation system for the Daemo platform.


Daemo Points would be a rating system completely automated with the objective of highlighting good requesters and workers. A reputation system that focuses on a mutualistic relation between workers and requesters. The reputation system would lack human interference: Computer algorithms would reward points to both workers and requester for successful HITs, and penalize them for unsuccessful ones. The intended outcome is a reputation system in which good workers can get better HITs, and good requesters get more HITs done.

How it works

A reputation system where would take in consideration 3 aspects:

  • Quantity of money involved;
  • Time expected for the HIT;
  • Number of past consecutive successful HIT;

When a HIT is delivered and accepted, both worker and requester would automatically win rating points. When a hit is delivered and rejected, both parties would lose rating points. Of course, those ratings must be separated one from another. The main idea is to avoid requester randomly rejecting HITS that were done correctly, and put workers to try to keep their score up(so that they could do HITs that would require higher ratings, for example). This way, we maintain a unique relation between worker/requester: there can only be a win-win, and a lose-lose outcome, and people will naturally want a win-win result.

A “streak” system is also something to be considered: If a requester approve most of his HITS, it means he is getting the results he wants(and workers are getting paid!), which could suggest, for example, that his instructions to the HITS are clear. A worker that get most of his HITS approved, is clearly good at what he is doing, and besides getting his money, the platform should support him, in response to good work(a good rating could be a good way to show support).

This is a way to make sure that the people making money from few highly paid HITs don't get an advantage over people who are making money from more, less rentable HITs.

The given aspects that are taken in consideration should work like that:

  • The more time a task requires, the more points it would give(or take) from the involved.
  • The more money a task requires, the more points it would give(or take) from the involved. (to make sure that people who complete less tasks, for more money, get an equal, or similar, amount of points)
  • The more consecutive successful HITs should increase the amount of points gained(or diminish the amounts of points lost). This could be done in a form of a multiplier.
  • The calculation would be done by the platform itself, without the intervention from people


  • Workers could try to work harder to get better rating points and get better HITS
  • Requesters that rejects a lot of HITs would have to reevaluate their HITs, and try harder to make more “doable” tasks (giving clearer instructions, for example)
  • Newcomers could “rank up” fast if they submit consecutive successful HITS
  • The “streak” system would prevent unfortunate deals to hurt much both requesters and workers.
  • Relies on the symbiotic relation between Workers and Requesters.


  • Both requester and worker wouldn’t “have voice” in their own community: computer algorithm would control the rep system.
  • Workers or Requesters that go too low in Rating points would start having serious problems to get themselves back in the market (Would evolution truly be possible? The system could be unforgiving and exclude them forever).

Milestone Contributors

Our team:

  • Gabriel Bayomi - @gbayomi
  • Flavio Scorpione - @scorpione
  • Henrique Orefice - @horefice
  • Lucas Bamidele - @lucasbamidele
  • Teogenes Moura - @teomoura

The bold members are the ones that came up with the idea at the first place, but the contribution is general. You can check the other ideas here: