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The like system is a way of evaluating people on Daemo that is inspired on the simple positive feedback given by people on social media. The purpose of a like system is to enable workers and requesters to evaluate people they have worked with. The system is meant to create an intuitive and familiar way of giving positive feedback to people requesting and performing HITs.

The like system aims to tackle the problem that is people having to spend much time evaluating people on crowdsourcing platforms, which can be very time-consuming for everyone, since high amounts of work are being done by lots of people everyday.

People tend to give negative feedback more easily and promptly, compared to positive feedback, that is experienced in daily life, where good actions could go unnoticed more easily than negative actions. Therefore, incentivating people to only give positive feedback can not only increase motivation, but also encourage people to recognise work well done.

The way the platform works is by workers and requesters giving positive feedback (just a yes, or nothing at all) to people they have had a positive experience with, be it getting fair and prompt payment or getting good results from a requested task, or similar positive experiences.


  • You can only upvote who you liked working with, since down voting can be a little demotivating.
  • People will be able to see the “likes” and number of works ratio a requester/worker done.
  • A requester with a bad ratio would probably get lesser HITs done, since workers would be less likely to accept their HITs.
  • A worker with a bad ratio would probably stumble upon difficulties in finding some HITs.
  • Since is a “positive-only” feedback system, unfair negative reviews are impossible.
  • Is a very quick(and simple) way to do a feedback. Many times, when people are supposed to do something that takes a little more time(like writing a comment) they simply don`t do it.


  • “Gamers” could become more hidden among all workers, since there would be no negative feedback to be shown.
  • It doesn`t open for deeper analysis of workers/requester, since it is a very simple system.
  • It is probably an idea that serves complimentary to other reputation measuring ideas.