WinterMilestone 3 Duka DarkHorseIdea: Make crowdsourcing platforms that provide other intrinsic motivations

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Make crowdsourcing platforms that provide other intrinsic motivations

Today, the workers who take up crowdsourced jobs are usually doing it based on an extrinsic motivation, to make money. However, extrinsic motivation has been proven to be less effective in retaining workers. So, what if crowdsourcing platforms could provide more than just pay? Here we present a few ideas:


Crowdsourcing platforms have tasks in a wide range of industries, and therefore, could help provide workers education and certifications in two ways:

  1. The tasks themselves could be flagged as educational opportunities: Tasks will have the skill that could be learned as a category. This would promote the idea that people can learn while doing. For example, say one task is to turn a large number into binary. The category for the task could be computer science, and provide some indication that the understanding of binary could be learned from completing this task.
  2. Tasks could have relevant lessons needed to complete them or expand a worker’s knowledge in that topic appear in their description: Using machine learning, we could connect a task to a certain course on Edx or MIT Courseware, and provide some sort of qualification credit on the platform. This could be used to create a better, more qualified workforce for tougher crowdsourced tasks.


Have free movie or song deals that workers can redeem. Create watching parties between workers for TV shows, movies, or even presidential speeches and rocket launches, to create a greater sense of unity between coworkers.

Competitions and awards

Create competitions open to workers in a variety of fields, with different requesters giving possible prizes. Have workers receive a certain award for completion of a certain amount or type of tasks.

Change the way money is used and stored

Besides giving people who already have a steady source of an income another source of income, our goal is to also give people who do not have a steady income a means by which they can get one. While people rich and poor have bank accounts with which they can actually use to store and grow their money in western nations, many lower to middle class people in Africa and Asia do not have bank accounts. If the same people who do not have bank accounts are trying to gain work on Daemo, we need a new way to send and control money.

One idea is to create mobile wallets in the platform. First, since most of the users of crowdsourcing platforms would be using smartphones, due to the exponential growth of smartphone use in India and other third world nations, they would have the required technology to see and access the money. Second, the cryptocurrencies would eliminate the need of currency conversion for tasks worldwide, creating a more unified experience for worker and requester. Third, the platform could do more than just give workers a neat place to store their money. The platform could also give users ideas for investment and growth of their money, leading to long term extrinsic motivation to work on the platform, and greater worker retention.

Milestone Contributors

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